Image guided ion beam irradiation unit IRRADION

About Project

The Irradion project modifies and extends the robotic scanner for purposes of research on cancer treatment with ion beams on small animals (mice or rats).

The Irradion system is cofunded from Eurostar-Eureka programme on the basis of bilateral agreement between Eurostars and MŠMT

The project identification is: 7D19002 "Portable Small Animal Particle Irradiation and Imaging Unit".

The project partners are:

Radalytica a.s.

SME focusing on robotic imaging systems integration.

SmART Scientific Solutions B.V.

SME developing irradiation planning software for biological and preclinical research.

Maastricht University

The Institution responsible primarily for experimental evaluations of the system.


Project Name

About Us

Radalytica a.s.

Radalytica a.s. is developing and producing X-ray imaging systems that combine cutting edge X-ray imaging detectors with the flexibility of collaborative robots. We are building systems that give customers the best X-ray imaging quality for nondestructive testing of light advanced materials.
The company was established in 2016. Yet, the team has over 20 years of experience in photon counting detectors and X-ray imaging and development of industrial applications.
Radalytica is currently the only commercial company offering fully integrated X-ray imaging systems based on dual robotic arms. Especially with photon counting detectors that have only recently entered the market. It is therefore opening entirely new horizons not only in the X-ray imaging field, but generally in the non-destructive testing industry.

SmART Scientific Solutions B.V.

SmART Scientific Solutions BV is an R&D company that was established in 2015 and is located in Maastricht, the Netherlands at the Brightland Maastricht Health campus, where many startups are housed. It is a spinout of Maastro Clinic, a well-known radiotherapy research clinic, which is part of the GROW School of the University of Maastricht. Despite being a young company, SmART Scientific Solutions is close to obtaining a majority position in selling software to OEM hardware manufacturers for dose calculation in image-guided precision irradiation, which is a novel research field. This research field is very high-tech and rapidly growing, and aims to develop methodologies to assist translation of preclinical research into clinical practice, in particular in the field of radiotherapy for oncology. SmART Scientific Solutions has worked mostly with OEM PXi so far, but also signed a contract in 2019 with the only other OEM in this field, XStrahl. Sales through this contract will increase rapidly in 2021.
SmART Scientific Solutions has strong links to the human radiotherapy world, and Dr Verhaegen is co-founder of SmART Scientific Solutions and Head of clinical physics research at Maastro Clinic and professor at the University of Maastricht, ensuring a strong link between these organizations and bringing many years of experience in project management. SmART Scientific Solutions’ key product currently is SmART-ATP, a basic treatment planning system for photon precision irradiators for small animals. SmART Scientific Solutions is rapidly growing and employs currently three salaried employees, besides the co-founders.
Besides treatment planning software SmART Scientific Solutions is developing phantoms for animal imaging, dose viewing software for traditional biological irradiation cabinets and has designed a data warehouse system for preclinical research.