Radalytica a.s.

Image guided ion beam irradiation unit IRRADION

"A formal quotation would be prepared based on mutual agreement of delivered items."

- Josef Uher,PhD.
CTO in Radalytica a.s.
Josef Uher, CTO

We are offering the following image guidance system:

X-ray imaging & CT subsystem, that includes:
• pair of 6-axes robotic arms
• photon-counting X-ray detector with CdTe sensor of 28x70 mm in size
• X-ray tube (50kVp, 1mA, emission spot 30 µm)
• CT acquisition and reconstruction
• real-time imaging
Particle detection system:
• pair of 6-axis robotic arms
• two Timepix3 based detectors with CdTe sensor and list-mode readout
• Yag:Ce crystal based calorimeter
Animal positioning:
• 6-axes robotic arm
• heated mouse bed
Mechanical support
Control and image data processing software.
Custom developed irradiation planning software.
Installation, commissioning and 5 day training at customer’s site.
Lead time:
• 6 months for hardware,
• 12 months for the final version of the irradiation planning software